Gwop Studio's

Over 15 years experience in the music industry. Specialities include recording, mixing and mastering audio for Albums, Video, Radio, Podcasts, Broadcast and Multimedia. We are also proficient in  music production, composition, arrangement and sound design. 


Premium Vocal Recording/Mixing - $50/hr + 

Including.... additional production and arrangement when necessary, Pitch Correction, use of  noise reduction, editing, pre-mixing (preparing the overall session for full mix)

Standard Mixing Services  - $150 +  Mixing and shaping sound with dynamic processors, equalizers, noise reduction etc. 


Premium Mixing Services  $350 + Using outboard compression and equalization as well as high quality, low latency plugins (software), to obtain the best sonic platform for mastering. 


* Package pricing for mixes and recording are available.

* Pricing subject to change.

* Payments Accepted - Cash, Paypal, Cashapp and all major Credit Cards.